Riding on the handlebars...

Riding on the handlebars...

When I was a child we often rode three to a bike. One on the handlebars, one pedaling, and one on the seat.

The handlebar riding was both exhilarating and terrifying, a sense of freedom, and holding on for dear life. Being the pedaler was for the one with the most stamina, and being on the seat I had to trust the people in front of me.

The coolest part was we were riding together.

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Favorite tips to Name your "Gift"!

If you haven’t named the gift you’ve brought into the world,  2018 could be a great time to just do it!

Here in the U.S. many of us never really figure out what our “gift” is. We don’t have rituals, and celebrations that honor our uniqueness. Because of that we can get caught up in roles, and identities that short change our capacity to share what is deepest in us.

James Hillman in, The Souls Code, calls our gift the “acorn”.


I wonder if depression and anxiety stem from not naming and claiming our true gifts?


I’ve been playing with these seven tips for awhile now.  My acorn is something about discernment, curious seeker of truth, passionate hearted?? Not fully formed yet, and loving the process.

If you'd like to join me---

Fave tips to naming and claiming your gift!

  1. Ask seven people what they think your gift is. Ask the oldest person you know, the youngest person you know, one or two people you have challenges with, and three people that get you. Take notes.

  2. Place everything everyone said out in front of you. See if there are similarities, or strong differences. Play with the words. Write out a couple of sentences from what you gathered. Use bright colors, fancy lettering, have fun!

  3. Leave it for a bit. Give your creative energy space to spontaneously flow. Notice what comes when you walk in nature, take a shower, ride your bike. Let your gift rise like the sun in the morning!

  4. Sit with it. Bring in everything that was said, everything that arose, and be quiet with it. Let the words live in you for a bit. Notice what happens in your inner life. Is your body giving you a full body yes? If not repeat the process until you get a deep, heartfelt YES!

  5. Is there an image, symbol, or animal that encompasses what it is? Would it be helpful to draw, paint, collage, or write a poem, or song that reflects it?

  6. Own it. Notice what has developed, in you, as you’ve explored naming it. Let your acorn be the place you begin to lead from. Drop into your precious gift daily. Live it, breath it. Let it play you.

  7. If that process doesn’t appeal to you, or you want more information you could do the strengthsfinder test. This test is designed to name your top five strengths. I found it really helpful. My strengths are; developer, connectedness, empathy, belief and input. Over time I’ve seen how these qualities shape my relationships, my work, all the roles I play.

Naming your gift can lead you into a larger world that is yours to inhabit. Your gift is the essence of your life force. Your unique being.

Owning it is like CPR for the soul. It can bring you back to life.

More than anything, we need our gifts to shine in 2018.

You Matter, Your acorn needs to be planted, watered, given sunshine, and loved!  

Many Blessings,


All I want for Christmas...

All I want for Christmas...

So tricky, this holiday thing, sometimes.

I remember when my kids were little and they asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I would say “peace on earth”. I haven’t gotten that yet. And I keep asking!

Over the years we played with sharing gifts of time, homemade gifts, appreciations and gratitudes and also material gifts. As my daughter said, we just like opening things. Boxes of tea, socks, soap, flashlights etc.

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How to Unhook from a Difficult Holiday Conversation!

How to Unhook from a Difficult Holiday Conversation!

Getting a pit in your stomach when you think about Thanksgiving dinner table conversation?

If so, this one’s for you!

For whatever reason stuff comes up around the holidays. We get triggered by someone else's behavior and being around family seems to bring stuff up.  It's pretty common for us to label certain family members as bad, or wrong, or "the problem". We can also do the opposite, and see ourselves as difficult, crazy, or too sensitive.

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How About a Quick Reset?

How About a Quick Reset?

Our senses are available in every moment to be a better friend to us. Here are some simple ways to reset!

Eyes- Our visual field takes in the world. When it takes in a computer screen, or violent images from TV, or video games it triggers stress in our nervous system. To shift this, choose a couple images, or a view you have available and rest your eyes on it. Take it all in; color, texture, expressions, and shapes. Notice how you feel looking at it. Give your nervous system a beauty breather a couple times a day.

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