About Me

What I think and value:

  • Compassionately disrupting the status quo of your habits is key to long term change.

  • Kindness and curiosity lead to healing and wholeness

  • In laughter, wonder, slowness, and the beauty of vulnerability

  • Environment shapes behavior. True well-being takes nonconforming freely and questioning deeply held beliefs

  • Sharing and caring are essential skills for all of humanity. Interdependence is a missing link.

  • Listening is love in action

  • Revealing our blind-spots is essential to creating healthy humans. We have both darkness and light.

  • That taking care of the more than human world is taking care of the human world

  • In reawakening, cultivating and engaging the soul

  • Everyone wants to be seen, heard, and acknowledged and that’s the world I am fostering

With two degrees in health-care under my belt, I spent 18 years as an RN in a hospital setting. At 40 I wanted a change and embarked on an eclectic educational path: Life and Health Coaching Certifications, The Embodied Life, Laughter Yoga, Heartmath, Nonviolent Communication and reading zillions of books on human potential and spirituality. I have helped over 3,000 clients of all shapes, sizes and colors. It’s sharpened my skills and deepened my already innate desires for social justice and equality.

I am not only passionate about well-being. I also won best costume as a first grader in a school-wide competition and at age 9 began taking ukulele lessons after seeing Tiny Tim on TV. My creative self-expression shows up in my reverence for the natural world, singing and dancing, laughing, writing poetry, and facilitating “sofa sessions” and “soul circles” with friends.

Carol works with people in person, on the phone, and on Zoom.


About You

You are open, curious and willing to explore all directions.

This is a short list of what sparks my clients to come to coaching:

  • I wake up on Monday morning thinking this can’t be it, can it?

  • I have tried to lose weight and I yo-yo up and down. I know what to do and just don’t do it.

  • My friends are doing it, living this life that is so busy and chaotic. They are all smiling and acting like all is well. I think I’m crazy for feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

  • I want time to do something meaningful. Where the heck is the time?

  • Sometimes I feel like I don’t fit in; I want something different and can’t put my finger on it.

  • I have difficulty expressing my thoughts and feelings hence end up feeling disconnected and resentful.

  • I beat myself up for not doing more, not losing that 10 pounds, not eating healthfully enough, not exercising like I should, not volunteering more, and I feel selfish when I take time for myself.

  • At the beginning of the day I believe in possibilities, hope burbles to the top and by the end I’m crawling into bed without brushing my teeth.

  • I feel so much pressure to do it all and do it right. And I don’t really want it all or think “right” works for me.

  • I want to do it differently, see my life freshly, and my old stories are shouting too loudly for me to hear anything else.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

Here are some questions I love to ask clients:

  • Do you sense there is a sleeping giant in you? (The part of yourself you have not yet fully accessed or shared in the world). If the answer is yes, take five minutes right now and see if you can describe it.

  • What comes up for you when you don’t know something? How do you feel? What do you tell yourself? What do you do and say?

  • What do you think about the cultural norms you live by? What about the roles you play?

  • How do you balance self-care and caring for others?

  • Describe what it means to be fully alive in your life.

  • You have a magic wand in your hand and you can do whatever you want with it. Describe what you would do.

  • What are three qualities you love about yourself and why?

  • How do you distract yourself?

  • What opens you up?

Perhaps you found something that resonated for you, or you recognize asking questions like these would be helpful. If you’d like to chat about working together, get in touch. If you’d like to get to know me better, read some of my writings