In some ways, reading this page is a first step in relating with me. I love what I do. I am good at it. My gifts of empathy, developer, input and connectivity shine in this role.

This is how I make a living and it’s also how I live my life.

I don’t need to make millions of dollars. Success isn’t in how much I make; it’s in the moments of connection to another human being that brings both of us deeply alive. That is something I am thirsty for and coaching quenches it.

I know what enough is for me. And I am grateful for that.

I’ve struggled with how much to charge in the past, not valuing myself and what I offer, and feeling “off” about charging each person, regardless of circumstance, the same fee. Social Justice takes changing systems and taking fresh actions. Thinking outside the box. Life-coaching fees with professionals usually vary between $75.00-200.00 a session.

My fees for coaching are modeled from some of the courses Mark Silver offers:
I want you to pay what your heart and mind want to pay.  I want you to listen to both. Coaching is an investment that is much deeper than economics, you are investing in your inner life. In transformation. Our hearts have the capacity to hold money from a wider lens. To be honest about what we each have. I want you to pay from a mind that understands if you have one million dollars of assets, or more, that puts you in the top 10% of Americans. If you don’t have that what’s in your budget? What works for you? What would keep you motivated and inspired to do the work outside of our meetings?

My range (I had to ask my heart what worked for it too!) for pay from the heart is between $45.00-175.00 per session. My sweet spot is $100.00. My programs will be priced separately; please refer to those links.

My hope is that I can widen the net of opportunity for people interested in personal and spiritual exploration. I believe social and individual change comes from inner awakening, reflection and outer action. It doesn’t make sense to me that everyone pays the same for services when wage and class differences are so wide and deep. I would love it if we had more equity in the world around finances and this is one small step I can take to encourage and support a more balanced world.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Carol is a breath of fresh air and my safe place. She has been instrumental in my personal growth. She is “with it and upbeat” and has been a blessing to me. I so enjoy communicating and problem solving with an educated authentic professional. I really enjoy our laughter, as they say: Laughter is the best medicine.
— MB, Bend, OR