100% Responsibility for Your Part

Relationships can be so wonderful, and on the flip side so freaking challenging…right! Even the relationship we have with our own “monkey” minds.

Last year my partner and I went to a couples retreat and one of the reminders they shared was the need to take 100% responsibility for your part. In that moment a cascade of memories of when I hadn’t taken responsibility came flooding in. I saw all the subtle ways I wasn’t really doing that.

Painful, dang it. And a gift for the future. I had some work to do.

What does it mean to take 100% responsibility for your part?

It means you have a part in any interaction that goes awry, and any interaction that is awesome! (caveat-I am not talking about relationships involving domestic violence or any big power imbalance) And that you will own that part. You will acknowledge it, and you will make amends.

If you are in a partnership and you both agree to do this...wow...it can really make a very big, and wonderful difference. It did for us.

My intention is to be 100% responsible for my part in all my relationships.

I didn’t do so well with it today! Honesty is a part of the package.

And I am resetting my intention as I write this.

Being human is not easy. And we have the opportunity to grow and change in every moment.

What does 100% responsibility for your part mean to you?

What would you like to take 100% responsibility for this year?

May the New Year offer you a reset in the challenging area’s of your life. And may you be up for the inner exploration—-to be the change you want to see in the world.

Reach out for help as needed. Asking for help is a part of being 100% responsible. We aren’t here to do it alone.

New Year, New Day, New Moment, New You, New World.