Being Gazed To Life!

Writing this post brings a smile ear to ear. This is the CPR of life. The moments I am present with another living being.

I can’t remember where I read this--"spend some time every day with a person under 5, and over 80 and it will improve your life". I think it's true!

And while I don’t get it daily, nor both sides of the equation, I do have four hours a week with wee ones.

Three of those hours I volunteer at a relief nursery in the baby room.

Three hours a week I snuggle, play with, feed, hug, and hang out with babies.

Last week I spent the majority of time with our youngest one.

Just under five months and a smile that lights up the room...that’s her!

We communed in the ways infants can, through touch, eye gazing, smiles, coo’s and laughter, cries and hugs.

We gazed deeply into each other’s eyes for long uninterrupted minutes.

Which was like dropping into a beautiful, unending pool of love.

She touched my soul, brought tears to my eyes, and laughter into my heart.

We were inter-being.
“We can’t exist by ourselves alone. We can only inter-be.” Thich Nhat Hanh (excerpt from his book How to Love)

I can’t quite put into words the timelessness, the deep presence that I received with this beauty of a being.
To be guided, by a baby into a state of “oneness”. Suffice it to say it’s the gift that keeps on giving.
And boy was I in need!

For the holidays think---- “greater presence, fewer presents." 

Give it a try. With a child, with an elder, with your boss, with a stranger at the grocery store. Inter-be, stay with the eye contact, lift your eyes from your phone, lift your heart into your eyes, give a 30 second hug (ask permission to do that one).

Tis the season to give. Your presence is the most precious gift you have to offer. Give that.
What you’ll receive...Well...that’s up to you to discover.

Love, Carol