simplicity is moving to the right side of our brains!

 For most of my life I did not think of myself as creative.

I know now, deep in my bones.

We all are.

If you think you are not it’s most likely been taught, or criticized, out of you.

And finding the time to be creative, for many, seems daunting.

So I thought today, I would send out this little missive with two idea’s.

One. I just read in the book Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg.

I am taking a writing class using this book. It’s definitely messed with what I think of as my writing style---in the moment I am simply going with that.

However, on page 133 she suggests ways to practice writing, and this one is simple and three minutes! (you don't need to be a writer)

Here it is: Pick a title from something right in front of you. Put on a timer for three minutes. Write a three line poem. Don’t use the title word in the poem.

I did these last evening just for fun.

And they each took less than a minute. (okay, then I edited them a little as I wrote this).


White, light, and fluffy

Skis like a knife frosting a cake

Shampooing the Ponderosas' needles and bark.


Too full. Clean it out.

Empty it like you clear your mind in meditation

And don’t load it that way again.


Life blood. Holding one in my hands

Colors me full of rainbows

And opens me to what I don’t know.


Is like curiosity

Massages my belly of courage

And I don’t dance in its room enough.

Not good. Not bad. Just a simple smattering of creative force. That’s it. Bingo.

And the second idea I have for you comes from the book A Big New Free Happy Unusual Life by Nina Wise. (love that title, right!)

Anyways, you can do this one anywhere too.

Pick up five to seven objects. Don’t think too hard. Now arrange them in a sculpture. You just created art. Yes you. 

My Walk Your Talk class did this last Thursday.

It had a profound impact on them.  

And I left there sculptures in my living-room most of the day. It inspired me so!

Creating doesn’t have to sell for money, doesn’t have to be seen by anyone else.

It’s meant to get you out of your left brain. That linear world that has dominated our culture for eons.

Move over to the right side!

Commit to five minutes a day.

  • It can help you be a mover and a shaker.

  • To walk your talk.

  • To be a change agent for the good of the world.

  • To laugh more.

  • To not take yourself so seriously.

  • To be a better friend and partner.

  • To simply enjoy being by yourself more often.

  • To recognize life is in the moments.

I could go on and on here.

But no, instead---

Pick up your pen. Put a timer on and go. Or pick up some objects. Right now.

Let yourself take 2-3 minutes of time out from the busy, crazy, overwhelming world we live in.

And then let that creativity move you to take care of the world.

I know.

I can’t not say that.