How About a Quick Reset?

Our senses are available in every moment to be a better friend to us. Here are some simple ways to reset!

Eyes- Our visual field takes in the world. When it takes in a computer screen, or violent images from TV, or video games it triggers stress in our nervous system. To shift this, choose a couple images, or a view out your window, and rest your eyes on it. Take it all in; color, texture, expressions, and shapes. Notice how you feel looking at it. Give your nervous system a beauty breather a frequently throughout the day.

Ears- Sound has a significant impact on our nervous systems. Taking a few sound breaks a day can be helpful. Things to explore; bring your attention to the ambient sounds in the room (hum of a refrigerator or computer), listen to the space or silence between words, sing, hum, chant, play your favorite music, listen to natures sounds. Find what supports your body to feel more tuned into the moment.

Nose- Our noses are not as sensitive as our four-legged friends, and they are still super sensitive. When tuned in the right direction scent gives your system a flood of feel good chemicals and hormones. Some examples: flowers, plants, essential oils, flower essences, herbs, spices, citrus, bark, or anything that you can have readily available to breathe in that you find pleasurable. Here are some of popular relaxing scents: lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, passion flower and holy basil. Notice how you feel after you fully inhale these a couple times.

Touch- Our skin is the largest organ of the body and humans are wired for touch. Many adults are touch deprived. There are simple ways to get non-sexual touch. Giving yourself leg rubs, foot baths, placing a hand on your heart, and hugging yourself are all ways to relax your nervous system. You can exchange a back rub or foot rub with a friend, get body work, go barefoot (the earth is a living thing), take a bath, or go swimming. Notice what begins to shift as you give yourself more touch.

Taste- Last but not least is taste. As simple as really tasting a cold drink of water, or a warm cup of your favorite tea, to that first bite of a ripe nectarine, plum or those, soft melt in your mouth, mashed potatoes. The key is really taking the time to savor.  Let your whole body have it. This is when we bathe the nervous system with feel-good hormones. That’s the idea. Giving your nervous system a waterfall of feel-good hormones and neurotransmitters. Shifting the system to its relaxed, easy state.

Play with your senses. Notice what works for you. Try new things. Take 30 second "sense" breaks throughout the day. Create a sense "tote" with your favorite scents, sounds, taste and images. Take a taste and savor break with a friend.  Or share your favorite scent. Change it up, our brains love variety!

You Matter. Yes YOU.



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