The Love of Reading

I am a voracious reader. Books are my other best friend.

One of the most vivid memories of childhood is when my little sister and I would drag our red wagon across the street and up the block to our neighborhood library. You could take out 10 books every two weeks during the summer. Sweet... 

We would pile the wagon high and tug, with all our might, to get our twenty books home. And repeat every two weeks all summer long!

My inner world was woke though stories of far away places, people who lived differently than I did. Landscapes I could only imagine.

Lying on the floor in my bedroom, or on the lawn, late at night with a flashlight under the covers, curled up in a chair, you name it... I was in my world, and dancing through pages into someone else's.

Looking back I wonder if all that reading is what supports me to shift into a wide angle lens. The lens of me and we.

Developing into a "me and we" mindset is beginning to happen and isn't a norm, yet.

It's true nonetheless.

We are all connected. The more we understand, embrace, embody, live and breath that truth, the sooner we move into a world that works for all.

So whatever it is you do that helps widen your lens, do that. Get beyond your own perspective, see through the eyes of a tree, a child, someone you disagree with.

Any or all of the above.

Growing up is more than age. It's cultivating a kind and compassionate relationship with your inner life, recognizing the connectivity between inner and outer, and seeing through a lens of me and we.’s a wild ride.

Enjoy it.