Thank goodness for Skype. Here's why.

When my children were young, and they asked what I wanted for a gift I would say; “world peace, or a homemade gift." I really meant that. All of it. I wanted my children to believe that was possible. Peace and homemade gifts.

They did make me gifts. Some of which continue to hang on my walls and sit on my shelves. They never fail to make me smile when I take a moment to gaze and remember.

This past Christmas I asked them to do a six month skype book club in lieu of a gift under the tree.
They graced me with a "yes” and we are going on our fourth month of conversation using Active Hope by Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone.

My relationships thrive on deep, attentive, meaningful conversations. This book prompts just that. We talk about a challenging topic; the state of our world
To see my children together, to feel them with me and willing to go deep. That’s been the greatest gift of all.  
Joanna’s book and long-term commitment to sharing her truth inspired the completion of our book Stoke Your Woke.  
I believe we need to talk about the hard stuff. We need to acknowledge how we slip into complacency when there isn’t urgency knocking at our door.

We need to come up with answers that help us snap out of that. Complacency is a breeding ground for despair, loneliness, lack, and greed. Complacency is a dis-eased state.

Books can be a bridge, a third thing, that compel us to step out of our habits.

As we were creating Stoke Your Woke I was imagining it making its way into the world like this. Being read and worked with across countries, oceans, political beliefs, religious preferences. All of it. 

You can have these kinds of conversations with people you love near and far. You can share your answers. You can reveal yourself more fully.  You can deepen your conversations, and you can take inspired action.
Buy Stoke Your Woke and get started now.