Spending time with a six year old...

We invited some friends camping last week. One of them was a six year old! 

A couple days before I sat in circle with a group of Mama’s discussing the chapter on “the explorer” in Bill Plotkins book Nature and the Human Soul. That chapter is all about how to help children fully immerse themselves in wonder and imagination.

So I was ripe to spend time with a six year old steeped in both.

At one point as we meandered the lake side trail together I asked her if we could play follow the leader and if she would lead?

Well—She scampered off through the trees with a mile wide grin, pausing to talk to the plants and trees, pull at the lupines, and spilled silly sayings all along-- as her Mom and I followed smiling and mimicking her the best we could.

Oh— the joy on her face. And the smiles in my body. To see and sense through her eyes. To take in a familiar trail with a very different view. To see, sense, touch the world as if seeing if for the first time.  How lacking that can be in my adult life. And how needed.

When was the last time you spent a day, or five minutes with a child steeped in wonder, in nature-be it a backyard, park or wilderness-and allowed them to lead? What would happen to your own soul if you had more moments immersed in wonder?

I can still feel that experience in my body and see that impish grin on her face, so grateful for that opportunity to be more alive!


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