A Little Ditty on Happiness and Sadness

I haven’t figured out how to know happiness without having an innate and real sense of sadness. And I often feel both at the same time.

I remember the birth of my first child. The nurse placed her seven pound damp body in my arms. The happy/sad/excited/terrified tears and smiles that were occurring simultaneously in me as I held her for the first time! OMG. I can still feel that moment. That miracle. Life.

Happiness and sadness, tears and laughter are a part of my life.

While I am all for appreciation and gratitude and knowing happiness—- I am also for being real, alive, human in all it’s messiness. I practice heartmath, I meditate, I have a gratitude journal and grief continues to rise on occasion and I welcome it, old friend that it is.

Because with all the happy, awe inspired moments I’ve had it’s grief that has brought me more wholeness.. At one point, as I was navigating a difficult divorce, I cried every day—- for three years. Yup. and Whew.

Grief taught me to love more deeply. To be more humble. To have more compassion. To be more open. More vulnerable. More happiness has resulted. More aliveness in my life.

How can I not love that?

Happy is a feeling. Sorrow is a feeling. I practice not getting attached. And it is a practice!