Soulcentric-Say what?

People have been asking, “What does soulcentric mean?” here goes...

Soul isn’t your role, isn’t your identity, it’s not your ego, or your beating heart, it's not your grey matter, or your microbe wise gut.

It’s something greater than all of you... and as teeny as a fine grain of pale sand. In our busy egocentric culture it’s hard to hold onto, realign with, or believe exists. We get talked out of our deepest selves.

Soul is the voice that whispers to you in the dark of night, in the morning light, it cries out -in the voice only you can hear- and quietly shouts --come this way--

Bill Plotkin calls it your ultimate place, James Hillman your acorn, Parker Palmer says it’s like a shy animal at the edge of the woods, John O’Donohue says it's bigger than the body.

You can call it what you like. Soulcentric coaching is designed to get you to engage, connect, become friends with-- what you also could call your “instrument”.

We each have an instrument to play. When we don’t hone it, grow it, embrace it ---we not only feel lost and lonely somewhere deep inside us, the world loses too.

Think about it.

If the world were an orchestra how is it sounding right now?

Who's playing the loudest?

Or by themselves?

Who forgets that it takes a village of instruments, each lifting it’s voice, to create a symphony that evokes awe and inspiration?

Is your song being heard? Is your instrument tuned? Lined up? Ready to play it’s part.

Only you can make audible your particular melody, toot, riff, or resounding crescendo. And we are more powerful when we play our parts alone/together.  

And I’m a drum.  

I’d rather sing like a flute, I adore it’s haunting beauty.
Not to be though.
My place is with the percussion.
Pounding out the heartbeat of a world that works for all.
Wailing on it to wake us up.
Being the background that elevates your trill.
I’ve thrown my sticks in the air, and taken years off wandering the desert of complacency and comfort. And sticks in hand I come back to the set, pounding out my fear and frustration, my hope and love for all beings that reside on this blue planet.

Love of the world beyond my private life.

Love of a world beyond the human.

Love that breaks my heart open.  

You may not like your instrument, or you may adore it. Or you may already be knocking it’s socks off. If so. Thank you.

Make the music of your life count. Rise up and take your place--- be it with the winds, the horns, the strings, or the percussion.  Don’t get swept up by the river of humanity and scrap who you came here to be.

Living a soulcentric life is learning to believe in your instrument, to follow the softer voice, the loud beat, the path that isn’t trying to fit in, or be comfortable, that isn’t swept up by the cultural current of sameness but instead plays its part so that a sense of world harmony is more than a pipe dream.

Soulcentric coaching encourages and supports coming home to your distinctive unrepeatable instrument. It’s cultivating qualities of wonder, possibility, innocence, humility and wisdom. It’s leaning into the rhythm of your soul. It’s developing practices that support you to live in line with your deepest values, to live meaningfully--- as a "me" interconnected with the vastness of "we."

This post is a drum beat. Do your work. No excuses. Front and center. Step in. 

Soulcentric living will bring you to your place of belonging in the symphony of life.

Just sayin…

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