My Three Favorite Reads in July!

Okay, here you go.

Some of my July reads.

I love these three books.

Here’s why.

For me to take in information I have a need for transparency. As much as I love new information and practices I can best take it in when delivered from an expert who allows me to see their humanness.

I felt included reading these books.

I felt honored to know these people.

I wanted to invite each of them to dinner.

The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk

This man writes with humility, vulnerability, and intellectual and emotional passion about healing trauma. His life’s work and his ability to share stories, information and well-researched techniques for healing made this a gift of a read. In one part of the book his colleague states that child abuse is the biggest health crisis in the United States. The more I learn, the more that resonates as true to me.

Healing the Heart of Democracy by Parker Palmer

Okay. Honest. Parker is one of my favorite humans that I haven't met. His words, his work, his willingness to be vulnerable and transparent, his wisdom and curiosity phew... He also is an inspiring author, speaker, facilitator and creates programs and systems easy for many of us to follow and lead with. This is a book to read if you want some wisdom, tools and courage to hold the tension of what is occurring in our world. “The more you know about another person's story, the less possible it is to see that person as your enemy." Parker J. Palmer, Healing the Heart of Democracy: The Courage to Create a Politics Worthy of the Human Spirit

It’s Okay to Laugh (crying is cool too) by Nora McInerny Purmort

This is a tender, irreverent, self-deprecating biography of a 30ish year old woman who has a miscarriage and loses both her husband and father (to cancer) all in the span of a few weeks. Their are definitely some words of wisdom that made me laugh out loud and cry silently. She is a keeper.

All of them bring trauma out of the closet and into your living room. With a lot of love and care.



If you are inspired or touched by what I write would you pass this along to a friend or family member to read too! Thanks for being you. You Matter.