Do ONE Thing, For you and the planet!

I am reading Drawdown edited by Paul Hawken.  In it scientists and policymakers around the world list the 100 most substantive solutions to reverse global warming. They ranked solutions based on the total amount of greenhouse gases they can potentially avoid or remove from the atmosphere.

And guess what?

Number four on the list...drum-roll please--- is something you and I can do today, and for the rest of our lives.

Eat a plant based diet

Note; I am not saying don’t eat any meat and dairy. And what the research shows is the closer most of us get to a mostly vegan diet the better.

That’s a two for one. Do it and benefit yourself and the world around you.

How cool is that. Truly!

And here are some basics on the how:

Mark Bittman recommends vegan before 6 pm (VB6)

Or try vegetarian before 6 pm

Or this

Or cut your meat intake to 5 ounces a day. Eat your favorite. Savor it.

There is research all directions about diet. As you probably know.

There is not one exact right way.

My favorite line about how to eat is Michael Pollan’s “Eat Food (whole), not too much, mostly plants”.

Mostly is the key. For you. For me. For the next seven generations.

And for the more than human world that has been sustaining us even when we don’t treat it well.

If you can do just one thing. Consider this.

embodying social and environmental justice one bite at a time