• Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have true well-being? Or what it really means to be well?

  • Do you dream about moving to another country or finding a way back to a simpler time?

  • Do you wonder about your future and the future of the world based on a lack of well-being for so many?


As I’ve walked this path of listening and sharing with thousands of folks, some of the invisible barriers to well-being have been lifted. I see a part of well-being as making those invisible barriers visible. Without seeing it we can’t change it.  Much of well-being resides in widening the definition to include all living things. If your neighbor isn’t well, your co-worker, the trees, water, plants, etc., you aren’t well. We are all connected and deeply knowing that, in your bones, is the basis for well-being. I am not separate from you. Not really.

Our culture is not a well culture (as much as I’d like it to be) which, of course, makes it difficult to be a well individual. However it's not impossible. We collectively are the culture and a renaissance is formed when people just like you and me create and define a new way of life. We can change the culture of unwellness by choosing new thoughts, feelings and behaviors that support our well-being in all directions.

Do you want to ask yourself the deep questions about your culture, your norms and beliefs?
Are you being called to make conscious changes. Changes in small habits. Changes in how you think. Changes in business as usual. Changes in how you listen and speak.  Changes in how you view success. Change from being a consumer to a citizen. Changes in how you treat yourself and others. Changes in where you put your time and attention. Change from my family or me to our community and we. Changes in sharing.  Lots of changing needs to happen. And many of you are ready to do just that. Or you wouldn’t be here reading this.

Change is a given, engaging in it a choice. Engaging in this renaissance is saying I am in! I am ready to non-conform freely so that we can move towards a world of well-being. Bring it on.



This program is designed to reawaken your wholeness and allow well-being to begin to shower it’s knowledge on you and the world. This is not about perfection or about always being happy. It’s about knowing more clearly what your journey is and finding the keys to your success at your fingertips. They aren’t anyone else’s. You hold the key and this program will help you open the doors and turn your life on its head (in a good way). You’ll have a sense of well-being that will give you the energy, love and presence to be rockin' your journey.

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Well-being, like happiness, is not a destination.
It's both our true north and a beacon we can turn our attention towards.

I have been coaching with Carol for a couple of months now and what a difference she has made in my life. She has helped me to empower myself. I have always been a helper, but now I am learning how to equally help myself and others. She has helped me be aware of my thoughts, feeling and actions in kind and positive ways. I feel more balanced in my life more than ever. Carol’s heart and brain seem uniquely suited for coaching and her insights and her ability to ask deep questions continue to help me see myself differently. I leave our appointments feeling excited about my life and grateful for the forward momentum created with her support! If you are looking for a rocking coach call her!
— JACKIE, Bend, OR