Equitable Economics

EQuitable Economics

We have let the soul of culture become a satellite to economics. Wouldn’t it be something if we could now become a world where economics is a satellite to the soul of our culture! My intention is to explore options in my own life to create more equity. Take a look and see what you think. 

Working together

Work With Carol Delmonico

I believe well-being resides at the intersection of independence and interdependence. I offer a warm and open space for you to reawaken wonder, cultivate presence and engage in practices that will deepen and enhance your life and the world around you. You matter. Yes YOU.

My Writings

Writings and Blogs, Carol Delmonico

I’m an incessant reader; books are in the best friend category. I’m also a wonderer and question the cultural paradigms. I’m especially drawn to spiritual writings, poetry, well-being and social justice. I believe we need each other. I love it when my words ignite wonder in others. Check it out.

To say that the work I have done with Carol is transformational, does not actually do it justice. I have worked with Carol on several separate occasions over the years. Each time having a specific intention of what I want to address and each time addressing that and also so much more. Carol has an amazing ability to listen deeply, reflect back with love and wisdom and inspire me to move forward with clarity and commitment. Many sessions I have arrived thinking “I have no idea what to talk about today” and have left an hour later feeling lighter and clearer and inspired to do my work. Having someone like Carol supporting me and being present in a way that is necessary to transform my dreams into reality has been the ultimate gift for me in my journey.”

— Kym Garrett Bend, OR