What is coaching?

Coaching is as individual as each human. It’s both personal and collective because your engagement in it changes you and the world around you. Coaching is like tending to your garden. It’s planting seeds, pulling weeds, watering, experiencing the elements and continuing to tend even as the seasons change.

It’s deep work.  It can be both fun and playful and it’s steeped in kindness and deep listening. There is so much power in being heard and seen that it begins to shape the path that you want to take with your life. We can meet for a walk, over the phone, Skype, at a coffee shop, or for a cup of tea in my office.

When is coaching a fit?

When something inside you is knocking and it keeps getting louder. When you have a sense you aren’t in line with your deepest values. When daily life feels overwhelming and you know it can be better than it is. When you can sense it, but not quite touch it. When your body says “yes” as you read this and you find yourself nodding. When you want someone to listen, to be with you for support and guidance.

My coaching approach

My approach has been informed by many mentors and styles: Bill Plotkin’s eco-centric life model, Parker Palmer’s Circles of Trust, Eugene Gendlin’s focusing, The Embodied Life, Nonviolent Communication and laughter yoga. I am continually learning and will bring fresh perspectives to each session.

I draw from a wealth of resources in neuroscience including Jill Bolte Taylor, Norman Doidge, Rick Hansen and Joe Dispenza.

I receive sustenance from Mary Oliver, Maya Angelou, Rebecca Solnit, Brené Brown, Joanna Macy, John O’Donohue, bell hooks, Rumi, Hafiz, Amanda Palmer, and many more!


What can you expect?
You can expect to grow, to stretch yourself, and to leave a session feeling a sense of gratitude for yourself and your possibilities. You’ll feel closer to yourself. Your inner and outer life (not really separate but seems so in our world) will be more aligned.

What will you receive?
You will receive a way back to aliveness in yourself, one you will memorize in your body so you can come back when you forget. You’ll reconnect to your soul; your sense of purpose will become clearer; and your ability to find meaning and fulfillment in the simpleness and complexities of everyday life will bring a smile to your face. You’ll honor yourself and your unique gifts and become quick to see those in others.

How long will we need to meet?
I meet with each client for a 30-minute phone call before any commitment is made. We can often get a sense of how many sessions you will want based on your needs during that call. Sometimes we overestimate, sometimes under. We will do our best and we will renegotiate as needed as we move along.

*quote from Marianne Williamson