Six week class starting Thursday January 17th

Meets for six Thursdays starting January 17th and ending February 28th (no class on January 31st)

Time: 9:30 AM to 11 AM

Class will be held in my home. Details will be given once you register.

Each week we will explore the content with questions, prompts, sharing, and listening.

You will be given practices to take home, and things to consider between each meeting.

You will need to invest time outside of class to get the most out of this experience, and be an active participant.

Power is in action. Action can be internal as well as external, doing and being.

Week 1: Discussion and tools to refine your talk, acknowledge and identify your gifts. You will create a personal vision and mission.

We will discuss the denial of our shadow in this culture and how that impacts all living beings. You will be offered practices to begin acknowledging your shadow.

Week 2: We will discuss societal norms of distractions, addictions and busyness. We'll explore how to change using empathy and clarity of needs.

Week 3: This week we'll discuss the role of imagination, wonder, and possibility. We'll do some exercises to explore them. We'll discuss the status quo definition of "success" and you will write your own definition of success.

Week 4: We'll unpack lack and its brothers greed and hoarding.

And we'll delve into the fresh paradigm of "enoughness".

Week 5: We'll explore the challenges with over-independence and the gifts of interdependence.

We'll touch on isolation, loneliness, belonging and connectivity.

Week 6: You will check back with original vision and refine it as needed.

You will articulate the practices you are choosing to commit to, and where they will fit into your life. 

Celebrating You!


A personal vision and mission statement.

Acknowledgement of your innate gifts and super-powers.

Increased awareness of the societal and familial conditioning that shapes you.

A clearer definition of adulthood.

Practices that support mindfulness, presence and coming back to being you! 

Recognition of the interdependence and connectivity that exists in us all. 

A deeper understanding of sorrow, grief, joy and gratitude.

Space is limited to six – so please act quickly. 

“We can’t exist alone. We can only inter-be” - Thich Nhat Hanh —How to Love

Walk Your Talk Round-Table

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The three tiered sliding scale is: Your cup is running low $129.00 Your cup is full $179.00 Your cup is runneth over $249.00 I will send you a paypal invoice in early October or when you register. (if you want to pay with cash or check let me know) Thank you for paying in advance of class!

What participants say:

”This series was thought provoking and intimate. I feel more confident moving forward because I have been witnessed in my intention. Carol’s information and facilitation style is full of integrity and safety. I recommend this class to you because it will help to open and broaden your view of the world and  create growth.”- Sarah

“This series was a growing experience
I learned that it is true that we need each other to succeed. I feel more confident moving forward because of the encouragement I received from Carol and the others in my class. I recommend this class to you because any class with Carol helps make the world a better place, one person at a time.”- Jackie